Prosecco Jell-O Frozen Hearts & Flowers

Prosecco Jell-O Frozen Hearts & Flowers

February 13, 2018

          Fruit flavored popsicles were a treat for us as kids. They were always bright red or orange and later blue and had two sticks. If you wanted to share one, you could easily break it down the middle because each side had its own stick. Occasionally, Mom would let me ride my bike to the little quick stop store down the street to buy one for me and one for her. The trick was getting back home before they melted. One day Mom came across a recipe to make these glorious popsicles at home. She bought a set of molds a few days later and we were on our way to having popsicles on demand. The recipe called for any fruit flavored Jell-O and one packet of the same or similar flavored Kool-Aid plus some sugar. The Jell-O kept the mixture from becoming too hard. I don’t have that exact recipe, so it took me a few tries to get today’s recipe right.

          Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and David is planning to prepare a wonderful dinner of crab legs with baked potatoes, so I thought about a light dessert that goes well with champagne or, in our case, Prosecco. Those fruit flavored popsicles of my youth came right to mind but I didn’t want to have something so frozen that it would need to be eaten off a stick for a special evening so I came up with the following recipe---and it’s sugar-free, except for the Prosecco. I put some of it in baby heart molds, some in flower molds that were actually for chocolate, and the rest in silicone miniature muffin molds and froze it.

          To serve it, I put the muffin mold pieces in the food processor to make Prosecco ice and then put a flower on top to make it look pretty.

          I put the baby hearts in the champagne glasses to dress up the Prosecco.

Here’s the recipe:

Prosecco Jell-O Frozen Hearts & Flowers

1 0.6 oz. sugar-free strawberry Jell-O (It’s the bigger sized box.)

1 strawberry sugar-free singles to go drink packet

3 cups water

1 cup Prosecco

Baby heart silicone molds, flower silicone molds, and muffin silicone molds for freezing this light and refreshing treat.

Here’s how to make it:

Pour the sugar-free Jell-O mix into one cup of boiling water and stir a couple of minutes until completely dissolved. Next, add one cup of cold water and stir into the Jell-O mixture. Next, add the singles-to-go strawberry sugar-free drink packet to the Jell-O mixture and mix a minute or so until dissolved. Lastly, add one cup of Prosecco, stir until well mixed (and the foam dies down a bit), pour into the molds and freeze for several hours or overnight.

To serve, place several muffin molded ice treats into a food processor to make the ice. When you add it to the serving bowls, put a frozen Prosecco Jell-O flower on top to make it pretty. Add a few of the baby hearts to the champagne glasses and pour over the good stuff. Relax and enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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