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Snow Day 2 – His & Hers Chocolate Sugar Cookies

          Today is day two of complete snow coverage. David and I are again housebound. Since we have leftovers from yesterday’s lunch for lunch today, I think it’s time to make a dessert. Nothing calls for chocolate more than temps in the teens and snow everywhere. Usually, I go for hot chocolate on days like this, but today I am thinking more about cookies. Still armed with my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, I searched for something that fit with my dwindling pantry ingredients. Sugar cookies fit the bill. Not regular sugar cookies, we need chocolate sugar cookies, so I adapted the recipe to suit our chocolate cravings. This new recipe was great because I could roll out the dough...

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Snow Day - Tamale-Tater Bite Mash-up

          Snow is a big deal here in the Memphis area. When snow is in the forecast, practically everything comes to a halt. Schools and many businesses close, some churches cancel services, and there is no bread or milk left on grocery store shelves. This all happens before the first flake falls. Once the snow hits, the local news takes over programming to bring us the latest in weather, traffic accidents, and road closings. We got about an inch of snow overnight, so today we are housebound and enjoying being lazy. It’s days like this that I love to get in the kitchen to whip up hearty meals that warm us through.           My day got started with a photo...

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Our Technicolor Christmas Tree & Olive Cheese Wafers

Written by Debbie Sloan Edited by Mandi Pitt-Reed                  Our Christmas tree this year has LED lights on it in all the traditional colors, plus purple. I cannot get used to the purple lights. We have never had purple Christmas lights on any tree or otherwise my entire life so, when I look at our tree, purple lights is all I see. It’s disconcerting. I was channeling Daddy when I bought the new-fangled LED lights. He was always all-in for new technology. He studied all new technology that came out long before it became commonplace. For example, we had electric toothbrushes and digital watches when they were expensive. He also embraced all new tool technology by promptly purchasing any...

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Tartan Apparel Signature Cocktail

Written by Debbie Sloan Edited by Mandi Pitt-Reed           When I was a little girl, our household was lively and loud with music or the TV always on. All through the week, we listened to opera and all manner of symphony music, but on Sundays, Daddy was in control, and it was country music all morning long. He loved Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Roy Acuff. He played them as loudly as Mom played her operas and symphony music. When we didn’t attend church, we still had a family day with everyone gathering for the noon meal. Days like these are unforgettable because Mom made the most delicious fried chicken, gravy, and biscuits around. I can almost smell it all...

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Papa Tom, Autumn Leaves, & Peanut Butter Crisped Rice Treats

Written by Debbie Sloan Edited by Mandi Pitt-Reed           We have been enjoying endless summer here in the Memphis area. Today, however, the tide has turned with the wind gently blowing and temperatures in the mid-50s. When I walked outside this morning, I came across an enormous maple leaf. It isn’t one from our trees, so it likely traveled quite the distance to arrive at my back door. When I reached down to pick it up, I was immediately reminded of a day years ago in early autumn when I arrived at my parents’ house to find Papa Tom hitting the limbs of the two large pin oak trees with a long leather belt. He was really going at it...

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