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Sweet Tooth - Almond Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

October 1, 2016             Today I have a sweet tooth. For those unfamiliar with the term “sweet tooth,” a person with a sweet tooth craves something sweet. It’s not a craving that goes away if you try to ignore it. It won’t leave even if you try to deny it by eating protein, fat, and vegetable carbs. It is something only cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, or pastries will satisfy.             My mom always said my dad had the biggest sweet tooth she had ever seen. He ate something sweet every day he lived. Most days he ate a bowl of ice cream just before bed. He was always slim and in excellent health. I think that not only what...

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Daddy’s Chef Salad with Homemade Salad Dressing

September 28, 2016             The autumn breeze was in full swing this morning. The wind chimes were singing and I could vaguely hear the rustle of the top branches of our big pin oak tree on the front lawn. There are a few lonesome roses and crepe myrtle blooms still hanging on to the last warm days of summer and the sky was a glorious bright blue that only happens when the clouds are gone and high-pressure sets in. It is going to be a day that we get too few of here in the Memphis area—brilliant blue sky with morning temps in the high 50s and afternoon temps in the low 80s—perfect!            Although it is now autumn, the...

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Universal Pleasers - Harvest Corn Pudding

September 25, 2016             Today is the 170th anniversary of our church. It is a beautiful little church with marvelous stained glass windows, dark wooden pews, and red carpet. There have been many happy and sad occasions held at our church. The blessing of our marriage, baptisms of our children, and funerals for my husband’s grandparents, father, uncle, and many other family and friends. My husband’s grandfather was clergy there, and my husband’s mother plays the church organ. There is a beautiful stained-glass window of St. Cecilia behind the organ dedicated in memory of my husband’s grandparents, father, and in honor of his mother’s long-standing service as the church organist. On Sunday mornings when the light streams in, St. Cecilia...

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Hello Autumn! Time for Chicken Curry

           Today is the first day of autumn—my favorite time of year! I saw on the weather channel this morning that the aspens in Colorado are vivid yellow and the northeast is almost to peak season for autumn foliage. I took the photo above of the ginkgo tree at a local neighborhood last autumn. Isn’t it lovely!               Although it is in the low 90s today here in the Memphis area, I feel certain that cooler temps are on the way. First of all, I saw a huge yellow oak leaf floating to the ground early Sunday morning and yesterday, I was almost electrocuted getting the sheets out of the dryer. Both are sure signs the seasons are about...

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Day 1 of our Live to Play blog, May 12, 2016

Tartan Apparel’s new slogan Live to Play conveys our attitude about life. Live to Play certainly doesn’t mean that we work less or that work is unimportant. What Live to Play means is that we want to stay healthy and active in order to do the things we enjoy now for as long as possible. This includes work for many of us as well as enjoying our hobbies like golf, photography, boating, fishing or just simply walking on the beach. We don’t have problems now and we want to keep it that way. This means that we need to stay current on healthy cooking trends, nutritional supplements, fitness and overall general health. So that’s what we’ll do and hope you...

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